Saturday, 21 March 2015

this is love

if this ain't love
         what do you call this is

when you ain't home
       the sun boy wakes up late

the rain girl forgets 
         to water the plant

the bird neighbors quarrel all day
           munching the seeds 
                 meant for 
           the desert relatives

if i ain't sad
      what am i

time witch's wrapped my arm
    with a dull ribbon of age
             crinkling my skin
     brittling my bone
 turning my blood 
                   into phlegm
the moist of my silly heart is
                 gone and you

if this ain't for you
      who this is for
  the strut of my heart
             the rise of my soul
                    the bile of my feeling of lone
                            the glee
                      of my orbital home
               this is love
                  this speck of
         you and me

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